A Magical Visit - Sit! Stay! Team @Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

Once again, we had the pleasure of visiting Dog Tales last Sunday, September 2nd. The first time was great, but we wanted to visit once more as a team, and we all had a wonderful experience!

For all of our readers that don’t know Dog Tales, we must say it is one of the most renowned dog rescues in the world, and we are so lucky it happens to be located just outside of Toronto in King City, Ontario. Dog Tales is also a horse sanctuary set on 50 acres of green fields. This beautiful, open and picturesque place is the perfect setting for abused and neglected animals to heal and be rehabilitated while they wait for forever homes”.

This magical place was founded in 2014 by Rob and Danielle, who had been involved in dog rescue years before. As we mentioned before, Dog Tales is also a horse sanctuary, standing as a team to protect horses of Canada’s secret multi-million dollar operation of the horse meat trade, of which many people are completely unaware. They fight against this, rescuing these animals and providing them for a safe place to live their lives. The opportunity of sponsoring a horse is completely open! Click here to learn more about this. 

We were so lucky to meet a big part of their staff and see the amazing job everyone does. They care for the animals by providing them with medical attention, training them and taking all necessary actions in order to make them feel ready to start again in a loving and safe home. Most of these dogs become adopted, but those that don’t, can stay as long as they live at their home; Dog Tales.

We came on a Sunday morning with all the excitement of meeting the horses, the farm animals and of course, the dogs! It was surprisingly busy for a very cloudy and rainy Sunday. It is definitely a fun roadtrip to do with family and or friends - anyone that is a dog lover!

The Dog Kennels are luxurious, fun and elegant looking, they each have a “bedroom” with decoration, water, food and a comfy bed. They try to make their stay as comfy and homey as possible, trying to differentiate from what we would call a standard shelter. One can visit this kennel without the plan to adopt, it is open to the public every Sunday from 11am to 5pm. The reason why it is only one day a week is because dogs tend to get very stressed having unfamiliar faces walking around their homes. When you think about it, it is very easy to relate! Sundays are a “harsh” day for them, but it does not mean they are always stressed. Luckily, they have a very happy life in this magical immense ground under the care of many animal lovers who are dedicated to make their lives worthy.

If, however, you have the intention to adopt, the friendly staff will help you with any adoption paperwork and applications and will book an appointment for you to meet the dog privately.

During our visit, we coincided with the surrender of a doggie, who fortunately found Dog Tales to be his new home. It’s so sad to think that a doggy parent may not be able to care for their dog any longer, for whatever reason. However, it’s so comforting to know that shelters like Dog Tales exist and are accessible to help and provide all the care the dogs need.

Dog Tales is not only a horse sanctuary and dog shelter, but they also have immense landscape and beautiful paths to walk on, take pictures and enjoy a day with that “out-of-the-city” wind. They have a beautiful pavillion where you can have coffee, tea, cookies and some other snacks - and all the proceeds go right back into the shelter. A lot of the visitors will grab a bite, look and walk around and wait for the kennel to open! Whether you’re there to adopt or not, it is a must - especially if you are an animal lover, and you care and support these causes.


“What really stood out to me was the extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, hard working staff and volunteers. It is very apparent that every animal on the premises, including the farm animals, are exceptionally cared for and their well being is the #1 priority. Seeing so many dogs without homes did make me emotional, but knowing there is a team of passionate people supporting these animals and woking to find them homes is something very special. Touring the Dog Tales grounds was a lovely way to get out of the city and enjoy the countryside. The beautifully landscaped and manicured pathways allowed us to get up-close and personal with many farm animals. It was an excellent reminder for me that all animals deserve a happy peaceful life…”  - Teenie


“I absolutely loved our trip to Dog Tales. They really made it feel like a home to all the animals and I found it amazing to see how truly happy and at peace they seemed. This was the first time I had ever seen farm animals and it blew me away how loving and affectionate they were and I am so glad they have been brought to such a wonderful place to live out their lives, as well as being able to help so many dogs find their furever homes while also making them feel like they will always have a loving home at Dog Tales. This experience really opened my eyes and I 100% support what they are doing!”... - Frances


“My admiration began when we were on our way to Dog Tales, on the small road that led us to the site. A landscape, a pure air that brought peace and tranquility to the entrance in a place that would bring strong feelings (...) As soon as we arrived I was delighted with the structure and the space, all for the animals. The idea of seeing several animals without a home is very overwhelming, but seeing the love and care that the staff and volunteers have in caring for each and every one of them brought me a 100% positive vision of this place and all its ideals” - Philippe


“I had something in mind of what it could be, but it definitely exceeded my expectations! Being there it made me feel safe in a positive and comforting way. It makes me think and realize how much help animals need from us - and that there is just a lot of work to do! It was colorful, happy and overwhelming…  to see all that happens in one place, to see how people can be so moved and mobilized by animals in need. To understand that this is what we could be doing all over the world, it felt like we have a true mission as humans; to help others.
I wish there were a Dog Tales for every city and country in this world!” - Cris

Overall, we had the most amazing time and we are sure you will, too!
We believe there is always someway we can be of help to others, especially when these others are actually doing a lot already. This is why we encourage you to donate - donate in whatever way you feel you can!

With your help, we were able to put together a box of donations including toys, harnesses, outerwear and collars to take with us on our visit. We would like to continue to do the same thing to help them, but we need yours first! An old collar or leash, anything that can be recycled will make the difference. Donations are always welcomed with open heart! Find our Donation Box at our Cafe!

If you want to learn more about Dog Tales and the amazing job they do, visit their website http://www.dogtales.ca and their Youtube channel by clicking here.

And as always, any question you may have, feel free to call us at 647-SIT-STAY or email us at info@sitstaydogemporium.com and we will be happy to answer them!
We should all work together for a better place on Earth for all of our furry friends!

- The Sit Stay Team


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