Woof! (this means “welcome reader”), to the very first blog post in the history of Sit! Stay! Dog Emporium. As you know, we are a dog emporium located in Midtown Toronto. We not only carry the best products for your puppy, but we also provide you with the best grooming services in Toronto and while you can enjoy a great moment at our café with your very best furry friend!

That is what we are, an emporium… and as such, we have committed to you and your human. Sit! Stay! exists because we are a family. We are a big family, integrated by our staff team and every single paw that walks through that door. We care about you and your health and we want the best there is for you, but above all, we want you to live a very long, happy life. This is why today we stopped to think and we said to ourselves’ “In what other way can can be close to you?"

We’ve always been proud of having a professional team, with deep canine knowledge, a thirst to keep getting ourselves educated, and a true passion for the furry ones… a friendly and helpful staff. At this point we understand that for the many, many questions that come up most among pet parents - we have the answer. 

For all of this, we stand behind every product and service we offer. We believe in 100% transparency of products: we gather news and information on the Pet Food Industry, we follow experts and professional influencers on the matter and because of all of this, we sat with confidence that “we’re fighting this battle with you.” We long for the wellness of every dog in this world, the best nutrition there is and the best training and care - in other words: the best life we can possibly give, because this is what they deserve. We have a goal.   


We are going to start talking to you, on the other side of the screen, about news we feel can impact your dog’s health, about nutrition we consider is the appropriate one, about general care we all as pet parents should know. We’ve decided to get closer so you feel comfortable to get close to us too and talk to us about it. We are interested in sharing all of this with you, opening a space where you get to know our points of view and the reason behind it. 

Having said this, we can only ask you to enjoy reading us! Welcome to what we feel passionate about and what makes us so happy to share with you.

Thank you furry readers,

- Sit! Stay! Team


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