The Forever Dog - Ft. Storm Patterson

Have you ever wondered how long a dog can live for?

At times, we wonder what sorts of things we as pet parents can do to make our dog’s life longer and happier. It is true there’s a long to-do list in this regard. But it is also true that even if the list is endless, it all comes down to a few necessary things: lots of love and true care. 

We want to introduce you to a very special pooch! Today, we feel honoured to have her represent what we stand for as a store. In this post, we will be honouring her...


Today is a special day for a special someone. A doggie that has lived forever, that keeps playing like a puppy, that keeps making new friends every day… and that continues to demonstrate how knowledgeable and true care is vital for a long, happy life. Today is Storm Patterson’s 20th birthday, and we couldn’t be any happier for her or for Mia, her passionate mom. Today is also a very special day for her too, since she is the one responsible of this long-lasting joy. We feel so proud to have hosted Storm’s birthday party and to be part of this amazing time in her life: her 20s!



Who is Storm?

Storm was rescued at 6 months old by Mia and family, after being abandoned as a pup on a farm outside of London, Ontario. Despite this, Storm adapted to her new life “pawfectly” making cat friends at an early age. She grew up in a loving family and became who she is today: one of the most popular canine citizens in the Midtown Yonge-Eglinton Area. 

This American Eskimo pup grew to be a very high-energetic and active pooch, travelling wherever her mom would go (hence the very relaxed attitude - especially in situations where most dogs would feel stressed). She would go on hikes and expeditions - getting lots of outdoor & adventurous experiences with her loved ones. 

“Neighbours would joke that Storm was the best work-out coach ever, as all the dogs became fitter playing with her”  - Exercise, we believe, is one of the key things that made Storm a very strong and wholesome dog.

Protective of her pack and preferent of animal companionships (her BFF - Best Fur Friend; Jade Finn the cat - mascot at K9 Concierge Midtown), you could see Storm almost everyday in her beautiful, very royalish and solely-hers stroller, with her pack walking with Mia down Yonge Street. She would come into the store to say hello to all our staff, and every single time we’d look at her, it would be a constant reminder of why we do what we do.

What is Storm’s Secret to Longevity?

I'm sure you all are asking yourselves: How is she 20 years old and looks like this!? Well, we’ve asked that ourselves, too. We had the pleasure of having some one-on-one time with Mia where she told us all about it…. THERE IS NO SECRET. 

As we mentioned before, Storm has always been part of a family with an active lifestyle. This way of living transferred to their day-to-day life, when Mia started her K9 Concierge Midtown - wanting to spend more time with her fur baby during her ‘golden years’. We believe this constant socialization also played a big role on her lifetime.

‘Living a purposeful life has much to do with both her longevity and her vitality’, her human says.


Last but not least, Mia told us all about her history - making her own raw food recipes for Storm. Long before raw feeding was trendy, Storm’s family would go hunting, foraging and scouring through Toronto for all the ingredients. Mia would spend her days off preparing all of Storm’s meals. Talk about commitment, eh?

Nowadays, we see lots of great options of Raw Foods on the market.

We find Storm’s vitality inspiring! As a Doggie Store, all we want to see is our furry clients grow to be wholesome & healthy, while being provided the very best nutrition. ‘Preventative health care begins in your dog's dish’ as Mia would say.

This is Storm, a doggie we are proud of. This is Mia, and as a Pet Parent she gets all the credit. Together they make a great team, a family. Thank you both for bringing purpose and meaning to all the things we, the Sit! Stay! family, want to portray. 


- The Sit Stay Team


Click here to see the complete album of Storm´s 20th Pawty!

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  • Mia Patterson

    Thank you so much for being there for Storm and I. Our SitStay friends are key members of our packs’ wider community.

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