Rubber-Dipped Socks - Black

Regular price $25.99
Reusable and machine washable
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
Detachable velcro strap
Protects paws from salt, hot pavement, dirt and debris
We recommend following the paw width measurement, to ensure the best fit.
SIZE               PAW LENGTH             PAW WIDTH
XS                    3.5cm/1.4"                   2.8cm/1.1"
S                      3.9cm/1.5"                   3.2cm/1.3"
M                     4.5cm/1.8"                    3.7cm/1.5"
       L                      5.2cm/2.0"                   4.3cm/1.7"      
XL                    6.0cm/2.4"                    5.0cm/2.0"
2XL                  7.5cm/3.0"                    6.5cm/2.5"